French Economy looks To Drop Record In Coronavirus Lockdowns

France’s INSEE Investment fell by a larger amount — 17.8 percent.

Spain recorded a much better 18.5 percent dip in second-quarter GDP, nevertheless.

The bank had estimated that a 14 percent drop at the start of July.

The analyst consensus created by Factset was to get a 15.3 percent drop in GDP.

The second-quarter contraction was considerably sharper than the album 10.1 percent drop in Germany.

Austria endured a 10.7 percent regeneration and Belgium 12.2 percent.

The seasonally-adjusted quarter-on-quarter fall in the gross domestic product (GDP) was much better than a prediction but worse compared to the operation of the majority of its eurozone peers.

We will struggle to perform better compared to minus 11% prediction for the whole year from the authorities

This means that the market has been in a recession and has been decreasing for three quarters.

Consumption is the most important catalyst of the market and home consumption fell 11 percent.

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