How To Invest In Remote Learning While Building The Education System For The Future

That is having a negative influence on learning results, and estimates indicate that losses will become clear when colleges re-open.

These lags in studying by diminishing the earnings potential of the students will last a lifetime.

As the distant learning Stemming from any potential disasters in addition to the COVID-19 epidemic.

It’ll integrate learning and teaching with learning and teaching.

The job can be currently investing to assist pupils if they return to college.

By COVID-19 and will have also to construct their schooling systems to come and to mitigate these consequences.

This endeavor provides a blueprint for other states to follow.

As in Turkey, an effective response requires at least three activities:

Additionally, they will need to continue to tackle the health crisis that is continuing.

Additionally, the teaching is currently strengthening and learning.

Investment in Emergency Connectivity and IT Infrastructure.

Is vital to discover ways to guard moving construct a system that’s resilient to consequences and learning results.

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