Politics Of Singapore Is Changing As Voters Warm To Opposition

The fear factor, which helped to keep the PAP in power for a long time, appears no longer as potent as it was.

General of the Workers’ Party, as the country’s first-ever official Leader of the Opposition in parliament, together with privileges and resources to function in the administrative position.

Goh himself contested in the recent election as an opposition candidate.

Fear of the resistance for some voters, or the perception, did not help the strength in the ballot box.

In their election campaign this year, opposition parties called for the seats in parliament.

Employees said people are seething with rage at the income inequality between overseas professionals and Singaporeans.

Goh said he had observed lots of cases of Singaporean Greater diversity of perspectives.

Constituencies, which are more challenging to win than single-seat districts, with the Workers’ Party bagging its second.

Candidates that almost toppled their PAP competitions by winning 48% of their votes.

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