The View Of Politics And The Protests

All attorneys understand, in their very first days in law school, the”appearance of justice” is in the crux of a mere system of justice.

The most shocking thing about the testimony before Congress on Tuesday of William Barr was his lack of concern for preserving any appearance of justice in action and his words.

He made clear that protecting Donald Trump from all of the critics, national and foreign, was his occupation as attorney general of the USA. Sad to observe a significant part of the profession reduce the profession.

The fires of protests and this pandemic rage on throughout the country. President Trump continues his attack on the truth, to locate. William Barr continues to cement his place as John Mitchell in history as our attorney.

We might observe what occurs at these protests was a fork on the road for its election. If Mr. Trump wins, some civil rights gains we have worked — and, most believe our democracy — will go down the drain.

The comparison in the choice Couldn’t be President Trump could win in generations to come. The buck stops with us, this season.

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