The Worst Maybe End For The Economy But Future Might Not So Good

The early opening of the market is starting to rear its ugly head.

Week in a row because the greater than 20 million employees are having difficulty getting back. They climbed to over 17 million.

Consumer spending amounts that had ratcheted up ardently are currently grinding lower as individuals return to regular activities.

Indicates a return to standard will take the stairs up after falling down an elevator chute to get here.

The Fed has taken measures by implementing a selection of liquidity and lending programs and slashing borrowing rates.

Frankly, we are not going to know until we begin to see more information come in.

We dropped in Q3 back in Q2, As we have about half the GDP. Even then, I do not believe we return to full job until 2023 and 2024.

The absolute math History is before. The future is the challenge as it once did. Also, it doesn’t appear as bright.

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