Two New Trustees Are Coming To County Board Of Education

According to county officials, Knowles is the heritage of your board Reorganization earlier this month, after appointing Trustee Aisha Knowles, who represents Dublin as president of this board.

Transitioning the county board operations to a digital format” Shelter-in-place and hold a lot of Zoom meetings, however, despite all that, we overcame hardship and did a fantastic job,” Rivera explained.

Trustee Angela Normand, that represents portions of Oakland and the town of Alameda, and Trustee Janevette Cole, whose Area 5 land includes Union City, Hayward, and the parts of Cherryland and Fairview.

Aisha’s concentrate on supporting and strengthening schools and communities serves families and students around Alameda County.

Representative on Charter Schools and Occasions. Outgoing board president Joaquin Rivera wanted Knowles”the very best in the next year.

Subsequently, Knowles thanked Rivera because of his”leadership and patience in “It has been a really interesting year.

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